Plant Based Symposium: Dr. Thomas M. Campbell (with German subtitles)

The „Plant Based Symposium“ starts on August 21st as a series of free YouTube videos about the health benefits of a plant-based diet. For the first time many of the best known plant-based physicians, scientists and dietitians as well as other important spokespersons of the plant-based movement were invited to share their knowledge with everyone. Starting on August 21st there will be a free video released every second day.

In Video #19 of The Plant Based Symposium Dr. Thomas Campbell shares important information about the following topics:

1. Dr. Campbell’s response to the criticism regarding „The China Study“

2. The role of the microbiome on health outcomes and the use of probiotics

3. The health problems regarding dairy products

4. „The China Study Solution“ for implementing healthy eating patterns in everyday life

5. Health problems regarding highly processed plant-based food

6. Dr. Campbell’s view on the topic „Gluten“

7. The science of behind behavioural changes for optimal health

More information about Dr. Thomas Campbell is available at:

Dr. Campbell on Facebook:

Niko Rittenau’s Webseite:
Niko Rittenau’s Facebook:
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Thanks to Philipp Kasprowicz for the coordination of all subtitles and thanks to the following volunteers for doing the transcription and translation:

German subtitles: Melissa Lenßen & Ruth Scala
English subtitles: Melissa Lenßen

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