They are so delicious! I’ve been making these zucchini all summer long! Recipe in 5 minutes!

Zucchini tastes better than meat! No one believes that I cook these zucchini so easily and deliciously! Prepare an incredibly tasty and quick zucchini recipe for every day! Everyone will love this fresh zucchini recipe! A simple recipe for zucchini in the oven in 5 minutes! This is a simple zucchini recipe that every housewife can prepare! I’ve never eaten anything better! Zucchini is a healthy and tasty vegetable!
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3 zucchini.
Olive oil.
Breadcrumbs 1 cup.
Red paprika.
Salt. Black pepper.
Parmesan cheese.
1 garlic.
Mix well.
Lay out the zucchini.
Olive oil.
Roll the zucchini in breadcrumbs.
Cook in the oven for 15 minutes at 200°C (400°F).
Greek yogurt/sour cream 2 teaspoons.
Mayonnaise 1 teaspoon.
Dill. 1 garlic. Salt. Black pepper.
Bon appetit!

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