Plant Based Symposium: Dr. Richard Oppenlander (with German subtitles)

The „Plant Based Symposium“ starts on August 21st as a series of free YouTube videos about the health benefits of a plant-based diet. For the first time many of the best known plant-based physicians, scientists and dietitians as well as other important spokespersons of the plant-based movement were invited to share their knowledge with everyone. Starting on August 21st there will be a free video released every second day.

In Video #20 of The Plant Based Symposium Dr. Richard Oppenlander shares important information about the following topics:

1. Redefining the word „sustainable“ in terms of animal agriculture

2. The concept of Planetary boundaries to describe the current state of our planet

3. Producing meat and other animal products: water supply, land use, co2/greenhouse gas emissions and feed conversion ratio

4. Separating good and bad science in terms of the environmental impact of raising livestock

5. The differences between factory farmed beef and grass-fed beef regarding its negative impact on the environment

6. The role of meat consumption on world hunger and the rising world population

7. Ways to tackle climate change as a society

More information about Dr. Richard Oppenlander is available at:

Dr. Oppenlander’s books:

Niko Rittenau’s Webseite:
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Thanks to Philipp Kasprowicz for the coordination of all subtitles and thanks to the following volunteers for doing the transcription and translation:

German subtitles: Natalja Winkert & Christine Gadola
English subtitles: Annette Eichinger & Simone Elgass

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